New York Jets Are 13-Point Underdogs to New England Patriots: Fair or Foul?

Geno Smith

The New York Jets are a 13-point underdog on the road against the New England Patriots this Thursday night. 13 points is a wide margin for any matchup in the NFL, but when you consider the two teams are divisional […]

New York Jets Have League’s Worst Salary Cap Situation

New York Jets

The New York Jets may have a bigger problem than uncertainty at the quarterback position next year. According to ESPN’s John Clayton, the Jets are a league-high $19.4 million over the 2013 cap.  Although it’s not set in stone, the […]

The New York Jets Should Trade Darrelle Revis

New York Jets

I’m about to suggest something New York Jets fans would consider blasphemous:  They should trade Darrelle Revis within this calendar year. Yes.  I said it. The Jets season has been a laughable series of ups and downs.  A self-created quarterback controversy that amounted to […]