Robert Griffin III’s recovery… “Unbelievable”

Geoff Burke - US Presswire

There aren’t many words strong enough to describe the rookie season of Robert Griffin III. Amazing might do the trick, or record breaking, dominating, captivating, but after tearing both his ACL and LCL in a first round playoff loss in […]

Runningbacks Be Aware – NFL Owners Approve New Helmet Rule

Bruce Kluchohn - US Presswire

From now on in the NFL, you better be careful before using that helmet. In arguably one of the dumbest rule changes in recent history, league owners voted on Wednesday to put in place a rule penalizing any contact initiated by […]

NFL Draft 2013 Spotlight: QB Geno Smith

Brian Spurlock - US Presswire

The last few NFL drafts have spoiled us when it comes to the most important position in all of football, the quarterback. Starting with Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco in the first round of 2008, we’ve seen a whole slew of […]

NFL Free Agency 2013: Percy Harvin Makes Seattle Seahawks A Super Bowl Team

Brace Hemmelgarn - US Presswire

When the Minnesota Vikings traded Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks this offseason, two things happened. First off, the Vikings lost one of the best offensive players in the game today. Second, the Seahawks became a Super Bowl caliber team. […]