Chicago Bears’ Martellus Bennett Provides Relief For Overworked Brandon Marshall

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For a cool $20.4 million over four years, the Chicago Bears acquired new tight end Martellus Bennett in free agency from the New York Giants. Some people would argue that the Bears paid too much for Bennett, but I think that […]

5 Areas the Chicago Bears Must Improve Upon During Training Camp

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This Is Jay Cutler’s Year To Become Franchise QB For Chicago Bears

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Ever since the Chicago Bears acquired Jay Cutler from free agency in 2009, he was supposed to be the quarterback that was going to bring the Bears back to the 85’ glory. Unfortunately, he was dealing with one of the worst […]

Marc Trestman Brings Hope to Chicago Bears Offense

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The Chicago Bears have been known for having one of the best defenses in the NFL. The offense was often falling behind, and the Bears defense was at times their best offense.  Head coach Marc Trestman is here to change […]

Brandon Marshall’s Recovery Allows Others to Take the Spotlight at WR

Brandon Marshall

Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall sat out of Monday’s training camp due to soreness from his latest hip surgery.  This is Marshall’s third hip surgery and he is going into his eighth year in the NFL. However, he has […]

Khaseem Greene Obvious Pick Over Jon Bostic for Chicago Bears at Linebacker

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A lot of talk has been going on about the Chicago Bears defense. As an avid Bears fan, my nails have been chewed to bone worrying about this season. The Bears haven’t seen a Super Bowl appearance in six years, […]

Chicago Bears Training Camp Will Be Used as Crystal Ball into 2013 Season

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Training camp is not only time where NFL fans are able to watch their favorite team practice up close, but it’s also a time for each respective team to work out the kinks and fill holes in their game-play. This […]

Marc Trestman Lacking Defensive Edge for Chicago Bears Following Lovie Smith Era

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With the Chicago Bears losing linebacker Brian Urlacher and the end of the Lovie Smith era, the question still stands on whether or not the defensive unit will be able to remain as strong as it’s known to be.  Even with the […]