Seattle Seahawks Release A Few Good Men

Sidney Rice

On Friday, the Seattle Seahawks released defensive end Red Bryant and wide receiver Sidney Rice. This move will save the Seahawks nearly $13 million against the NFL salary cap in 2014. Seahawks GM John Schneider thanked both Bryant and Rice […]

Seattle Seahawks: Pete Carroll’s Legacy

Pete Carroll

Peter Clay Carroll didn’t always have the success that is associated with him today. Carroll had two unsuccessful stints in the NFL as a head coach with the New York Jets and the New England Patriots. When the Patriots fired […]

Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch is a Quiet Beast at Super Bowl Media Day

Marshawn Lynch

Public speaking is the No. 1 fear in America with the second thing Americans fear being dying. In essence, more people would rather be in the casket in the ground than speaking at the funeral above. So it is understandable […]

Seattle Seahawks Look to Prove “Defense Wins Championships”

Seattle Seahawks

“Offense sells tickets; Defense wins championships.” – author unknown – If you don’t enjoy a grind it out game, this Super Bowl is not for you. Most people want to see something that has that “wow” factor, not necessarily a […]

Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch is Tasting the Skittles

Marshawn Lynch

It’s come to the media’s attention that Marshawn Lynch eats Skittles, better known as his “power pellets,” during games to give him that extra edge. To think that Skittles could help a player on the field is almost ludicrous. Before […]

Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson Was Afterthought for Teams

Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning

Only two years in the NFL and Russell Wilson is already in the Super Bowl as the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. There are many people who did not see Wilson ending up there, well, if you consider where […]

Denver Broncos Praise Seattle Seahawks Corner Richard Sherman as a “Great” Player

Richard Sherman

On Tuesday, less than two weeks away from the Super Bowl, Denver Broncos head coach John Fox and tight end Julius Thomas praised Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman as a “great” player. Thomas went on to say, “He’s done a […]

Percy Harvin Not Being Cleared Leaves Seattle Seahawks In Tight Spot

Percy Harvin

If you don’t think the Seattle Seahawks need Percy Harvin, then you’re wrong. Not only is Harvin being paid $25.5 million, but he averaged 825 receiving yards from 2009-12. Harvin’s ability to make plays is what drew Seattle to him this past […]

5 Reasons Why Seattle Seahawks Will Win NFC Championship Game

New York - Kirby Lee

Seattle Seahawks: Tickets? What Tickets?

Seattle Seahawks Tickets

If you are familiar with the NFL, you are aware of the Seattle Seahawks‘ fan base, better known as the 12th Man. They are well known for their seismic sounds. They were so loud in Saturday’s victory over the New Orleans […]

Seattle Seahawks: Skittles Won the Game

Marshawn Lynch Skittles

Before we talk about the game, you probably want to know the history of the Skittles, if you don’t know already. Growing up, Marshawn Lynch would go and get these little candies out of his mothers’ purse; she would call […]

Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson is “Danger Russ” for the New Orleans Saints

Russell Wilson

How “Danger Russ” is Russell Wilson against the New Orleans Saints? In Wilson’s entire NFL career, all of two years, he has a 63.6 percent completion rating. On December 2, when the Saints visited CenturyLink Field, Wilson finished the night […]