Washington Redskins Need to Cut Ties With Mike Shanahan After Latest News

Dan Snyder

The relationship between Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan and star quarterback Robert Griffin III has been shaky at best for a while now. The latest news coming out of Washington suggests that Shanahan was willing to step down as head […]

Mike Tomlin’s Six Figure Fine Should Open Eyes of All Head Coaches

Mike Tomlin

Regardless of the sport, head coaches are of extreme importance in winning a championship. However, when coaches decide to overstep their boundaries and change the outcome of a game in a way that isn’t asked of them they should then […]

Cowboys vs. Bears: Tony Romo Can’t Afford Another Monday Night Meltdown

Tony Romo

October 1, 2012 was the last time the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears met on the prime time stage of Monday Night Football. Considering it’s been only a little over 14 months since that game it should still be fresh […]

Panthers vs. Saints: Cam Newton Should Enter Game With New-Found Confidence

Cam Newton and Drew Brees

On paper, Cam Newton isn’t anywhere close to the caliber of a quarterback Drew Brees is. However, the same could be said about Russell Wilson and look what happened when Brees’ New Orleans Saints met Russell’s Seattle Seahawks head-to-head on […]

Seattle Seahawks Are Far and Away the Best Team in the NFC

Russell Wilson and Drew Brees

Before Monday’s game against the New Orleans Saints, I was very critical of the Seattle Seahawks. With the suspensions to their secondary hovering over their head, I thought Drew Brees and company had a chance to go into Seattle and […]

San Diego Chargers: Victory Over Cincinnati Bengals Can Shake AFC Playoff Picture Up Even More

Rivers & Dalton

The final spot in the AFC playoff picture is still wide open to this point of the NFL season. However, if the Cincinnati Bengals fall to the San Diego Chargers today, things are going to get a lot more clustered than they already are. As of now, there […]

Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton Can’t Afford to Come out Flat in First Half

Cam Newton

Cam Newton has the Carolina Panthers playing some of the best football in all of the NFL. However, after almost losing a gimme game last week against the Miami Dolphins, we should pump the breaks a bit before anointing Cam as the savior in Carolina. […]

Predicting What Final 2014 NFL Playoffs Bracket Will Look Like

Jamaal Charles

2014 NFL Playoff Picture Through Week 13

Drew Brees

Through Week 13 of the NFL season there are still playoff spots up for grabs. There are dominant teams in both the NFC and AFC, but there are also quite a few teams in the running for a postseason berth. […]

5 NFL Teams That Will Add Another Win to Their Resume in Week 13

Peyton Manning

San Francisco 49ers: Michael Crabtree’s Return Will Keep Team in Super Bowl Discussion

Michael Crabtree

Before the NFL season started, the San Francisco 49ers were highly compared to division rival, the Seattle Seahawks. Unfortunately for the 49ers, their season hasn’t lived up to the hype and Seattle has run away with the NFC West division. […]

Seattle Seahawks: Brandon Browner’s Suspension Will Cost Team Super Bowl Appearance

Brandon Browner

The Seattle Seahawks have arguably the best secondary if not the best defense in all of the NFL. With starting corner Brandon Browner facing a year long suspension for his second violation of the substance-abuse policy, any Super Bowl aspirations […]