Chicago Bears Offense Fact or Fiction: Week 3

Martellus Bennett

Through three weeks of NFL action and to a lot of peoples surprise, the Chicago Bears stand alone in first place atop the NFC North. Now what’s even more shocking (and impressive) is the fact that the Bears have won […]

Week 3 Post-Game Overreaction: Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers

Earl Bennett

Watching the Chicago Bears at the Pittsburgh Steelers was a tale of two halves. In the first half, the Bears looked good both offensively and defensively. For the offense’s part, they took the ball for seven minutes on their first […]

Chicago Bears: Keys To Victory For Week 3

Jay Cutler

The Week 3 matchup for the Chicago Bears this Sunday night has the first-place Bears traveling to the Steel City for a meeting against the winless Pittsburgh Steelers. Having first-hand experience Steelers Nation, I believe there are several similarities between […]

Top 5 Chicago Bears Players From Week 2

Matt Forte Dennis Wierzbicki USA Today Sports (III)

Chicago Bears’ Third Phase of the Game, Special Teams, Shining Once Again

The Windy City Flyer

Here’s a rhetorical question: Would a Lovie Smith coached Chicago Bears team have let any team run the opening kickoff back for a touchdown? Highly unlikely, but unfortunately that’s exactly what happened to the Bears in their Week 2 match-up […]

Chicago Bears Defensive Progress Report Week 2

Adrian Peterson & DJ Williams

In the 31-30 win for the Chicago Bears over divisional foe Minnesota Vikings, there were points in the contest where the defense looked formidable and disruptive and other times where they looked old and slow. Defending the run, the Bears […]

Chicago Bears’ Offense Fact or Fiction Week 2

Matt Forte

In the long run what’s the difference between a team winning in a blowout fashion or just barely escaping by the skin of their teeth? Absolutely nothing. A win is a win. In with that in mind, the Chicago Bears […]

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks in Ugly Game

Colin Kaepernick

The Week 2 Sunday Night match-up between the defending NFC champion San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks coming into the season looked to be a heavy weigh fight the likes of Floyd Mayweather versus Canelo Alvarez. Instead, thus far the […]

Week 2 Post-Game Overreaction: Chicago Bears

Martellus Bennett

What if I told you there was a Week 2 NFL match-up in which there was an opening kickoff returned for touchdown, the 2012 league MVP rushed for ten yards in the first quarter, both teams combined for seven turnovers […]

Chicago Bears’ Week 1 Game Balls

Matt Forte

Philadelphia Eagles Run Fast Break Offense at Washington Redskins

Shady McCoy

On your marks. Get set… Go! Monday night’s Week 1 match-up featured the new look Philadelphia Eagles with Chip Kelly and his 18-seconds or less offensive philosophy as well as Robert Griffin III in his first game back after a […]

Chicago Bears: Week 1 Defensive Progress Report

Peanut Tillman

What has been one of the major staples of the Chicago Bears‘ vaunted defense of years past? If your response was either toughness or pressuring quarterbacks, those are acceptable answers; however, the third and possibly most damaging aspect of the […]