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New England Patriots – Denver Broncos Is Now NFL’s Biggest Rivalry

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When you look at the biggest rivalries in pro sports, it happens when two teams can go head-to-head in every aspect of the game. When the Boston Red Sox win the World Series, the New York Yankees spend over $400 […]

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Who Won Giants-Chargers Philip Rivers for Eli Manning Trade in 2004?


The question of who won the Philip Rivers for Eli Manning trade looks as if it were a slam dunk. The New York Giants are a Super Bowl winning team while the San Diego Chargers are not. It isn’t that […]

5 Reasons Why Peyton Manning Will Never Win Another Super Bowl

Peyton Manning

Super Bowl Pick Against The Spread


It has been 22 weeks since the start of the NFL season. On Sunday, it will mark 150 days, which amounts to over 216,000 minutes, or almost 13 million minutes since Peyton Manning torched the Baltimore Ravens for seven touchdowns. […]