Cleveland Browns Coaching Staff Offers Some Hope For 2013

Cleveland Browns’ Rob Chudzinski Excited About Defensive Line

Cleveland Browns fans had their NFL hopes and dreams shattered on Sunday. The Browns came out on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins and dropped Game 1. Fans were expecting something more exciting, but what they saw was the same thing […]

Cleveland Browns Fans Wonder What Could’ve Been With Chip Kelly

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday night, new Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly and his exciting offense played before the nation and won. A small piece of the nation, the cloudy region of northeast Ohio, felt no excitement. They felt pain. Another football […]

Cleveland Browns’ Brandon Weeden Doomed By The Curse of Derek Anderson

Brandon Weeden

A lot of people are saying that this is Brandon Weeden‘s make-it-or-break-it season. And there are two reasons why a lot of people are saying it. First, someone on the radio or internet said it and it got regurgitated to the point of […]

For The Cleveland Browns, It’s All About The Roster

Cleveland Browns

Well, Cleveland Browns fans, that sucked. With everyone’s hopes up about a new, exciting team, we watched a game against the Miami Dolphins that could have been from any number of years. Romeo Crennel‘s 2008. Eric Mangini‘s 2009. Pat Shurmur‘s […]

Sorry, But Placekicking Situation Will Not Be the Biggest Worry for Cleveland Browns This Season

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Boy are Cleveland Browns fans upset. Let me jump in here with an explanation. If you’re not from Northeast Ohio, you may not know this: Browns fans are always upset. It’s their M.O., and I can’t say that I blame them. […]