Slow Start To Free Agency May Pay Off For Philadelphia Eagles

Howie Roseman

The Philadelphia Eagles did not jump out of the free agency gate as many hoped they would. They did begin to take care of their greatest need at safety, but it wasn’t a splash. Signing Malcolm Jenkins  while releasing Patrick […]

Hesitation In Free Agency Will Leave Philadelphia Eagles Disappointed


Many times in the past, the Philadelphia Eagles have ended up keeping themselves under the cap and saving money. Very few times have they gone all in and spent to make the team better through free agency. The most recent […]

5 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Philadelphia Eagles HC Chip Kelly


New Salary Cap Creates More Potential For Philadelphia Eagles


The reported new salary cap in the NFL for the upcoming 2014 season will have its effect on each team differently. Some will just be happy to now be under it, but others like the Philadelphia Eagles have more potential […]

Philadelphia Eagles Must Add a Quality Safety

T.J. Ward

The Philadelphia Eagles have been left searching for too long now. Searching for an impact safety, a player that will change the face of a defense in desperate need of an identity. It’s been a position that has negatively affected […]

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Top 5 Performances of Nick Foles’ Improbable 2013

Nick Foles

5 Philadelphia Eagles’ Defensive Improvements Needed for 2014 Success

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Is DeSean Jackson Really Worth More Money?

DeSean Jackson

After having a career year, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has made clear his thoughts on his worth to the franchise and their future success. Without putting an ultimatum on the team, as he’s done in the past, he suggested that for […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Can LeSean McCoy Be Even Better In 2014?

LeSean McCoy

It was a historical season for Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. He established himself as the best all-around back in the NFL, leading the league in both rushing and yards from scrimmage. He also set multiple franchise records, some of […]

5 Philadelphia Eagles Players Who Won’t Be Back in 2014

Nate Allen

Michael Vick a Necessity for 2014 Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick

It will be tough to keep him around and happy, because he wants to return to a starting role in the NFL, but Michael Vick is a necessity for the Philadelphia Eagles’ roster in 2014. At this point looking around […]