Johnny Manziel Is Not The Answer For Dallas Cowboys


He may very well end up being the most successful QB in this year’s draft class, but for the Dallas Cowboys to risk a first-round pick on a Johnny Manziel after paying Tony Romo franchise money is just ludicrous. There has been plenty […]

Dallas Cowboys Well Represented By DeMarco Murray At Pro Bowl

Kirby Lee USA Today Sports

In a season of disappointments, several Cowboys got a chance to show their abilities at the 2014 Pro Bowl Sunday evening. Dez Bryant, Jason Hatcher and Tyron Smith were the first members of the Dallas Cowboys to be selected to the Pro Bowl but […]

What Happened To Dallas Cowboys’ Terrance Williams?

Matthew Emmons USA Today Sports

Earlier in the year, Dallas Cowboys rookie wide receiver Terrance Williams looked like the guy that could play opposite of Dez Bryant and help alleviate some of the double-coverages that Bryant would normally be facing. Williams had a few promising games, […]

Dallas Cowboys’ DeMarco Murray Is An Emerging Superstar

Matthew Emmons USA Today Sports

DeMarco Murray ran around and sometimes through the Philadelphia Eagles in the Dallas Cowboys‘ heartbreaking 24-22 loss. A fully healthy Murray showed that he can be the complete package for Dallas. Murray has spent a large part of his career battling injuries and […]

Dallas Cowboys: Missing The Playoffs May Cost Jason Garrett His Job

Matthew Emmons USA Today Sports

Dallas Cowboys‘ owner Jerry Jones has made it very clear that he is sticking with Jason Garrett. However, with the current injuries to key players that the Cowboys have, it may be a perfect storm for Garrett to lose his job. […]

The Philadelphia Eagles Flew, And The Same Old Dallas Cowboys Missed the Playoffs

Matthew Emmons USA Today Sports

Just a few weeks ago, the Dallas Cowboys sat atop of the NFC-East and watched as the Washington Redskins, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles struggle to get above .500. Fast-Forward to Sunday, the Cowboys saw their postseason hopes and dreams get washed away by […]

Dallas Cowboys: Sean Lee Will Be Missed More Than Tony Romo

Matthew Emmons USA Today Sports

While all of the headlines are of Tony Romo missing the Dallas Cowboys NFC East Championship Game, quiet as it has been, the absence of Sean Lee may be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back. Romo is without a doubt […]

Dallas Cowboys: The Only Person Who Can Stop Dez Bryant on Sunday is Dez Bryant

Geoff Burke USA Today Sports

Dez Bryant is easily in the conversation of best receiver in the NFL. You can put Bryant’s name up against any of the other top guns such as Atlanta Falcons’ Julio Jones or Detroit Lions’ Calvin Johnson. Anytime a team has a receiver […]

Dallas Cowboys’ Defense Can Redeem Themselves Sunday

Nick Foles

The Dallas Cowboys‘ defense shouldered a lot of the blame for the Cowboys woes this year. They rank near the bottom of the NFL in almost every major statistical category and have lost a few games for the Cowboys this year. With […]

Vince Young Should Not Be An Option For Dallas Cowboys

Jeff Hanisch USA Today Sports

Just a few hours after the announcement of Tony Romo‘s season-ending back injury, Dallas Cowboys fans and football fans alike took to the twitterverse to voice their opinions of the injury. One of the names that was popping up during […]

Finally Healthy, Dallas Cowboys’ DeMarco Murray is Showing Why He’s Elite

Matthew Emmons USA Today Sports

The Dallas Cowboys, at times, can have one of the most explosive offenses in all of football. As of late, DeMarco Murray has found his place in the offense. On a day that featured yet another episode of Tony Romo being Tony Romo, Murray managed to […]

Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo Being Tony Romo

Matther Emmons-USA Today Sports

Tony Romo has a bad habit of sometimes being Tony Romo.  With the game against the Green Bay Packers all but gift-wrapped for the Dallas Cowboys to gain yet another win at home, the only way the Cowboys could have lost was if […]