Pittsburgh Steelers: Philosophy Switch Will Have Casualties


Does anyone remember when Jerome ‘The Bus’ Bettis could be seen on a Sunday afternoon in Pittsburgh running over linebackers for fun? Whilst those nostalgic images are swirling around your head answer me this question, how many times since ‘The […]

Baltimore Ravens: Paul Kruger, Cary Williams Too Rich For Ravens


When it comes to the free agent market not many players can come to the bargaining table with a freshly minted Super Bowl ring, but it looks like Paul Kruger and Cary Williams will be doing exactly that. Now that […]

Baltimore Ravens: Taking The Alabama Approach


Nick Saban has become known throughout the college football world as being very pragmatic when it comes to quickly moving on from a championship season and starting work on the team’s next big success. Whilst running an NFL team has […]

Baltimore Ravens: A Date Set In Stone For Ray Lewis


On the field of play, Ray Lewis has no doubt made the biggest contribution to the Baltimore Ravens, the franchise he has played for during his entire career. After 17 years of faithful service and helping the Ravens to win […]

Joe Flacco: Me, Myself and I … And My Agent


Does Joe Flacco really warrant being the league’s highest-paid quarterback? Yes or no? Think about it logically, has this guy done enough to call himself the best quarterback in football today? This could turn out to be a really long “discussion” should […]

Baltimore Ravens: Jacoby Jones and Anquan Boldin Left With Rings But No Car


Everyone knows by now the big stories that stemmed from the Super Bowl; the lights went out, Ray Lewis played his last game and Joe Flacco was named MVP, but the real story, and something that even as a Baltimore […]

Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens, 5 Offensive Players Who Must Make a Difference

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Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens, 5 Defensive Players Who Must Make a Difference

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Baltimore Ravens: Disaster Ahead


In the run up to the biggest football game of the year between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers there’s a lot of people, quite rightly, focused on what’s happening in the now. Whilst some of you readers, […]

Baltimore Ravens: Ed Reed Headed to New England Patriots?


I think I have made my thoughts on Baltimore Ravens star safety Ed Reed well known in the past week or so but as per the 24/7 media frenzy that is Super Bowl week, there is a new, very real […]

AFC North: Shifting The Balance Of Power Away From The Baltimore Ravens


As the rest of the AFC North sit down on Sunday and watch the Baltimore Ravens compete in the Super Bowl, they will look on with envy but will have to come to terms with the fact that the Ravens […]

Baltimore Ravens: Joe Flacco Could Kick Ed Reed Off The Team


A couple of days ago I released an article explaining why I thought Joe Flacco HAD to be signed to a long term deal by the Baltimore Ravens, this piece managed to spark a little debate between me and a […]