Morning Take: Will the Lions Make the Playoffs Next Year?

The 2011 NFL Schedule is posted. Can the Lions make the playoffs with their tough schedule? [poll id="8"]

Detroit Lions 2011 NFL Schedule Released

Calvin Johnson

As the NFL lockout looms over the 2011 NFL season, there was a bright side today: the release of the 2011 schedule.

NFL Draft: 5 Unexpected Players That Make Sense in a Lions Uniform

bruce carter

Every year, the NFL Draft surprises at some juncture. Guys in late rounds become contributors and elite players. This year shouldn’t be any different.  What the Lions need to do is continue their NFL Draft success and find those guys […]

Morning Take: Do the Lions Have the Best WR in the NFC?

Calvin Johnson is an amazing athlete and receiver in the NFL. Today’s question is, is he the best in the NFC or even the NFL? Let us know your thoughts. If you want to express your opinion, you can always […]

Morning Take: How Many Wins Do the Lions Get this Year?

The Lions are expected to have a better than average year if a few things happen like: if Stafford can play a full season, if they address the secondary and/or defensive line, and if they address the offensive line. If […]

Bowers Bad Pro Day Could be Good for Detroit

ndamukong suh

Clemson’s Da’Quan Bowers was in the conversation for the #1 overall pick in the draft coming at the end of this month. It’s pretty safe to say that he won’t be there being drafted anywhere in the top 5.

Morning Take: Who Will the Lions Draft?

It’s easy, who do you think the Lions take in the first round? If you select other, I’d really like you to tell me who you think. Check back later for my article to be released. [poll id="5"]

Morning Take: Will the Lions Trade Up/Down Their First Round Pick?

With the stock of Tyron Smith skyrocketing, the Lions are in peculiar spot – do they trade up and try to make sure they get him? Or will they not worry about it, possibly take some offers and trade down? […]

Morning Take: Who’s the Most Valuable Player on the Lions?

We all know that the Quarterback position is the most valuable position on most teams and rightfully so. Today’s question, is the same true for the Lions? Is Matt Stafford the most important person on the team, and most vital […]

Bowers Could be a Nice Gamble for the Lions

daquan bowers

The Lions have had a lot of success drafting lately – something fans haven’t been accustomed to thanks to Matt Millen – and should expect nothing less this year. The biggest problem the Lions have is figuring out which way […]

Morning Take: What Position is Needed the Most?

I’m going to try this new feature where I post a poll or question every morning for you Lions fans. The Lions are in an unfamiliar spot in which they are expected to be a young, talented team next year. […]

Lions Get Their 7th Rounder Back

Mike Sando of has reported that the Lions will get their 7th round pick back. They originally lost it due to a tampering violation but the NFL has given it back and will take a pick next year based […]