Discussion of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Warranted After Junior Seau Death


For 20 years, Junior Seau made a lucrative living out of violently colliding with people. Wednesday, Seau passed away due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. He was 43 years old. Every single day, we get closer and […]

New St. Louis Rams CB Janoris Jenkins Inserts Foot Into Mouth

Janoris Jenkins

Former Florida defensive back Janoris Jenkins was one of the most physically gifted football players in the entire 2012 NFL Draft class, but a long history of off the field problems kept the star cornerback from becoming the Top 10 […]

Resentment of Tim Tebow Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone

Tebow Jets

Tim Tebow is a nice guy, there is no denying that. You’d probably happily let him date your daughter or (insert generic vote of confidence in Tebow’s trustworthiness here). However, not everything Tim Tebow does is met with universal approval. […]

“Mania” Surrounding Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning Far From Over

Peyton Manning

Two of the three biggest headline makers in the sporting world over the last 12 months are going to wind up on the same team–for now. As reported earlier by our own Kris Hughes, and before that by ESPN NFL […]

Peyton Manning Press Conference Offers Lesson in Humility

Manning Irsay

No teasers leading into commercial breaks or softball questions from Jim Gray were necessary in Indianapolis on Wednesday afternoon. It was just a simple, heart-felt goodbye. It’s the way legends like Musial or Russell would have done it, and it’s […]

Posturing Between Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning Finally Ends


Months of speculation sucked the surprise out of today’s announcement that the Indianapolis Colts will release Peyton Manning tomorrow afternoon. However, that’s not to say that it makes the news any less morose. It’s rare in the free agency era […]

New Orleans Saints Bounty Scandal Sheds Light on NFL Subculture

Vilma Williams

They strap modern day suits of armor to their bodies and deliver violent and quite often dangerous blows to one another. It’s primitive, it’s savage, and it’s pretty damn entertaining, but with that comes a culture that isn’t easily identifiable […]

San Diego Chargers Lineman Kris Dielman Likely to Retire

Kris Dielman

As the world slowly comes to grips with the devastating effects of a concussion, football players still remain incredibly exposed to these vicious and traumatic brain injuries due to the violent nature of the game. Nobody knows this better than […]

Memphis DT Dontari Poe Puts Up Insane NFL Combine Numbers

dontari poe

When you’re 6-5 and you weigh 346 lbs, you’re not supposed to be able to do things like running a 4.87 second 40-yard dash, but apparently Memphis DT Dontari Poe is about as familiar with physics as the average college […]