Tennessee Titans offense linemen continue to get injured

Kevin Matthews and Rusty Smith

Even with an ugly win like Monday’s against the New York Jets the Tennessee Titans still have their work cut out for them. With players dropping like flies it is no wonder why they can’t win games. Kind of hard […]

It’s a Good Thing That the Tennessee Titans Ruined New York Jets Playoff Hopes

Michael Griffin against Jets

The New York Jets had a chance Monday Night to keep their slim playoff chances alive. The Tennessee Titans figured, if they can’t go, neither can the Jets. It’s hard to say if it was actually a good game. The […]

Titans and Jets inactive players for Week 15

LP Field at night

The most fun that I have had in the past week is talking with people about how many points will be scored in Monday’s game between the Tennessee Titans and New York Jets. Because to be honest with you, neither […]

Tennessee Titans Week 15 Injury Report

Scott Solomon Titans

As the season rounds up for the Tennessee Titans, there are still a hefty amount of players listed on the injury report. Remember just because a player is listed on the report does not mean they are not going to […]

Titans vs. Jets NFL Week 15 Preview

Mike Munchak against Colts

There are three weeks left in the regular season in the NFL. All three of these following games are extremely important to the Tennessee Titans. They may be down on their luck but they have not given up yet. The […]

Positions that the Tennessee Titans need to look for in 2013 NFL Draft

Kenny Britt against Texans

Last year the Tennessee Titans did some work on both sides of the line. This coming spring though they really need to buckle down and make sure that the players they get are putting out the numbers as they should […]

Getting into the Red Zone is biggest concern for Tennessee Titans

Chris Johnson against Colts

This season has got to be top five in Tennessee Titans history of disappointing seasons. They have not played well at all throughout the year. Point the fingers as you wish, but the biggest concern is no just the defense. […]

Jared Cook out for the rest of Tennessee Titans’ season

Jared Cook against Colts

He has been one of the Tennessee Titans’ ‘go-to’ guys this year but today the tight end learned that he will miss the remaining three weeks due to a torn rotator cuff. Jared Cook is by far one of the […]

Tennessee Titans will finish season with a Losing Record

Jake Locker with official

They sure have made it hard on themselves this season, even with one of the toughest schedules in the league. But the Tennessee Titans just can’t get a win. For some strange reason things are just not working out for […]

Tennessee Titans Quarterback Jake Locker Almost played for the Los Angeles Angels

Jake Locker against Houston Texans

Though Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker always knew if the opportunity to play football was there he would take it. But before he was drafted in the NFL draft, he was drafted in the Major League Baseball draft by the Los Angles […]

Tennessee Titans Week 14 Injury Report

Jake Locker against Texans

Week 14 will be a challenge for the Tennessee Titans, and that’s putting it nicely. They need a win and they know it. The last time the Titans met the Indianapolis Colts there was a lot left on the field. […]

NFL Week 14 Preview: Titans vs Colts

Titans and Colts

Football fans you will hear a lot of this over the next month and that is that the Tennessee Titans will be involved with a division matchup this week as the teams enter the final few games of the season. […]