Washington Redskins Expect Big Things From Perry Riley in 2013

Perry Riley

The 2013 NFL season is about to begin.  Teams are finalizing their rosters and finding out who will get first chance at the starting positions for the year. This year, the Washington Redskins will give LB Perry Riley the start, […]

Washington Redskins: Why So Many Tight Ends?

Fred Davis

The Washington Redskins will begin the 2013 NFL season with all eyes on their new powerhouse offense. 2012 rookie superstar Robert Griffin III set the rookie QB passer rating record at 102.4, third overall in the 2012 NFL season, and […]

Washington Redskins Need to Beware of New York Giants

Giants Redskins

The Washington Redskins are predicted to be an offensive powerhouse in the 2013 NFL season. However, the NFC East will not be an easy division. Not only do the Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys have remarkable offenses, but the New […]

Best 2013 NFL Rivalries: Washington Redskins Vs. Dallas Cowboys

Romo Griffin

NFL history has been riddled with intense and emotionally-charged rivalries. Over the past decade, the NFC East has lost touch with these games due to no single team, or pair of teams, being a consistent powerhouse. In 2013, however, it would […]

Washington Redskins Strong Safety Brandon Meriweather Needs to Stay Healthy in 2013 NFL Season

Brandon Meriweather

Any fan of the Washington Redskins can testify to how atrocious the Redskins’ defense has been for the past half decade. In the 2012 NFL season, only one team allowed more points scored on their secondary. Fans were safe to say […]

Washington Redskins TE Fred Davis Needs to Step It Up In 2013 NFL Season

Fred Davis

The Washington Redskins are predicted to have a powerhouse offense in the 2013 NFL Season. How can you have a powerhouse without some of the best players? The emergence of 2012 rookie superstar quarterback Robert Griffin III has elevated the whole […]

Washington Redskins Rumors: Rookie CB David Amerson to Start in 2013

David Amerson

Newly acquired Washington Redskins David Amerson will most likely be the starting CB in the 2013 NFL season. Drafted as the Redskins’ first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, Amerson was selected in the second round as the 51st overall […]

Pectoral Muscle Injuries Plague Washington Redskins, LB Keenan Robinson Out for Season

Keenan Robinson

What is it with Washington Redskins linebackers and torn pectoral muscles? Most notably, outside linebacker Brian Orakpo has had this problem.  In 2011 against the Philadelphia Eagles, Orakpo sustained injury to his left shoulder and pectoral muscle while tackling Eagles […]

Everyone Excited for Return of Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III in 2013 NFL Season

Griffin III

The news is out! Superstar quarterback Robert Griffin III will return to play for the Washington Redskins in the 2013 NFL season, and he is healthy.  Fans, players, coaches, family, and friends are all excited to watch Griffin return. Redskins […]

Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III Should Sit Out 2013 NFL Preseason

Griffin with Brace

Washington Redskins superstar quarterback Robert Griffin III has been cleared by team doctors to start practicing. However, this does not mean that Redskin fans will necessarily be able to watch him play in any preseason games. In his days with […]

Washington Redskins Ecstatic To Know That Pierre Garcon Is Cleared To Play In 2013 NFL Season

Pierre Gacon

When the Washington Redskins report to training camp in Richmond, Va., for the start of the 2013 NFL season, star WR Pierre Garcon will be among them — healthy and ready to play. He is a player the Redskins absolutely need. Garcon […]

Former Washington Redskins TE Chris Cooley Continues Career With Redskins Radio

Chris Cooley

In today’s NFL, it is an anomaly to see a high-caliber player start and end their professional career with the same team. These stars not only become a pivotal part of their team’s leadership dynamics, but they are also transformed […]