The San Francisco 49ers are ready for the Giants with Chicken Soup

The X’s and O’s of today’s match-up between the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants have been studied —Ad nauseum. Every category of every performance has been ranked and judged, and then once again … What else’s left […]

The Steelers Ice bowl, The Fog Bowl, and Weather at San Francisco’s Candlestick

As I was walking rapidly through a San Francisco winter rain, on assignment of course, passing through the many files of the NFL, to eventually find myself at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park to see a variable that has to be […]

SOPA, Joe Namath, Antrel Rolle, make history at 49ers Candlestick Park

Apparently —It’s all true! SOPA or, the stop online piracy bill is, ‘too little too late’. Even with their courageous fight to protect our internet ‘intellectual property’ and ‘copyrights’ from these so-called malevolent pirates, they’re tragically late for Antrel Rolle […]

49ers move on after Shoot-Out at Candlesticks OK Corral

…it’s the same reason the cowboys (Saints, Packers, Patriots?) didn’t continue on in the N FL Playoffs? The shoot-out is dead —dead —dead —dead. All the participants have either died or killed each other. And it’s sad. So now we […]

Alex Smith Renews his Subscription to the Resurrection

After Saturday’s best NFL Playoff game —Ever, Alex Smith becomes the beneficiary of several more 49er classics. And who would have thought? From the absolute depths of despair, just last year, where it’s constantly hot, to patenting several 49er classics, […]

The 49ers Epic Battle against the Saints begins Today

Nothing matters for the San Francisco 49ers —but today! The resurgence of one of greatest sports franchises —is complete. It will continue! As we approach the NFL Playoff game between the 49ers and the Saints, only today’s play will determine […]

A Smith Family Affair, with a 49ers win over the Saints

Now, we’ll have to add, Prophet, to Hall of Famer, ex. Super Bowl Champ, San Francisco 49er Legend, Steve Young, to his already impressive resume. At a KNBR interview with Tom Tolbert and Ralph Barbieri, he began ‘to lay it […]

49ers in heated talks with ex. figure skater, ex. con, Tonya Harding

The San Francisco 49ers have been monitoring the ‘ebbs and flows’ of the numerous NFL opinions—to the absolute letter. Not a single opinion has passed through without their extensive scrutiny … Now, for public viewing, is the synonymous, numerous, NFL […]

Coach Harbaugh versus Coach Payton

It’s conclusive, they say, with the Niners and Saints Playoff game already titled —“it’s born on the frozen tundra versus the shoot-out at the O.K. Corral.” It’ll be in San Francisco. On the grass, outside, the Niners tundra, the floor […]

San Francisco 49ers await the Saints

Here we go! The NFL Playoffs! As the Niners lick their wounds, in complete comfort, it can’t be a better way to start —The Run towards the Super Bowl. Because, stage one is here, today —Are you ready?! In some […]

San Francisco 49ers, Home-Field Advantage

According to the Sun Tzu classic book about warfare, “The Art of War,” the next blackout the San Francisco 49ers have, is precisely the time, the Niners should —Release the Hounds! Of course, this is to gain the advantage: The […]

San Francisco 49ers: The Catch, The Stop, and other Classics

When it comes to the NFL playoffs you’d better wrap up every cliché ‘known to man’ and hold them close to your bosom. You’ll need every one of them. You must commit them to memory. Most importantly, you’ll need to […]