Overtime Battles May Leave Cowboys, Texans Vulnerable Thanksgiving Day

Matthew Emmons- US PRESSWIRE

By being extended to overtime Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans may have harmed their chances of winning on Thanksgiving Day. The Cowboys and Texans had to play an extra period in order to defeat the Cleveland Browns and […]

Early Losses Haunting Pittsburgh Steelers


In the NFL, teams can not afford to lose games against opponents that they are better than. The Pittsburgh Steelers are finding this out as they are paying for early season losses to the Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Titans. The […]

NFL Week 11 Theme Picks: The Worst Teams of All Time


Russell Wilson Still Leading Rookie QBs After Halfway Mark

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After the first quarter of the NFL season Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson had his team in first place at 3-1. He was the leader around the first turn among the rookie quarterback class of Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin […]

Quarterbacks’ Health Should Come First for Bears and 49ers


The Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers will go into their game Monday night with question marks at quarterback. Both Jay Cutler of the Bears and Alex Smith of the 49ers suffered concussions in their games Sunday. It is unsure […]

Why the NFL Should Leave Overtime As Is


There are many people who think that the NFL should not let regular season games end in ties. They feel that no matter how long it takes someone should come out on top. This has become an issue again after […]

Baltimore Ravens Send Message With Fake Field Goal


Everyone is questioning why the Baltimore Ravens would run a fake field goal up 41-7 against the Oakland Raiders Sunday. The game was over and Oakland had no chance of coming back. Baltimore had nothing to prove. Why call a […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Andy Reid is Done

Howard Smith- US PRESSWIRE

If Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid was not going to be fired before Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys he will be now. The Eagles are finished and Reid is done. With the 38-23 loss Philadelphia’s record fell to […]

’72 Miami Dolphins Can Break Out the Champagne


The 1972 Miami Dolphins can break out the bubbly. They are still the only team to finish an NFL season undefeated and untied. Their record remained intact after the Atlanta Falcons lost to the New Orleans Saints Sunday, 31-27. Every […]

NFL News: Officials Lose Time in Rams vs 49ers


The officials in the St. Louis Rams-San Francisco 49ers game made a major mistake Sunday. During an official’s time out for a measurement they let a minute and twelve seconds run off of the clock. Then they compounded the problem […]

The Jets Need To Call Roger Staubach

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The New York Jets need to have a talk with hall of fame quarterback Roger Staubach. He will tell them that playing quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow at the same time will never work. Staubach knows this from past […]

Hail to the Chief is Theme of NFL Week 10 Picks