For 10 NFL Draft Prospects, Substance Abuse Takes Priority Over Career

Roger Goodell

I lost my full ride to UT, because I got high. I got suspended for the BCS title game, because I got high. I did not get picked in the draft, because I got high. Now I’m taking the bus […]

San Francisco 49ers Rightly Stop Contract Talks With Colin Kaepernick Cold After Disturbing Police Report

Colin Kapernick

In the midst of one of the most tumultuous offseasons in San Francisco 49ers history comes news that the club is apparently taking a major step to protect its reputation by pausing contract negotiations with QB Colin Kaepernick. Already victimized […]

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Has Reached A Crossroads

Roger Goodell

The NFL has a major problem on its hands. Nary a week goes by where we do not hear of some kind of serious criminal incident with one of the league’s players. The latest is example of this is San […]

Aldon Smith Allegedly Detained For Bomb Threat, Takes San Francisco 49ers’ Week From Bad To Worse

Aldon Smith

The San Francisco 49ers are not having a good week. First came the news that Colin Kaepernick may have been involved in what would be at best, unseemly behavior, and now we have the profoundly shocking news reports that linebacker Aldon Smith has been detained for […]