It’s Hard For Kansas City Chiefs Fans To Remain Tight-Lipped

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The Coasters were a musical group that were formed in 1955 and had a bunch of hits in the late 50s, including a song entitled Charlie Brown. The lyrics ask the familiar question, “Why is everybody always picking on me?” […]

Longtime Kansas City Chiefs Fans Are Making Themselves Known

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If you remember the names Bennie Thompson and Todd McNair and are still a Kansas City Chiefs fan, you deserve some credit for this year’s undefeated start. You have stuck with your team through some very bad times and should not be forgotten either. Thompson and McNair […]

The Kansas City Chiefs Will Have Their Halloween On Sunday

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Thursday is Halloween. In Christianity, it is the first of a triduum known as Hallowmas. A triduum is a three day period devoted to prayer. Hallowmas, which is specific to that of the dead, begins with Hallow’s Eve, is followed […]

Kansas City Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles “Phoning Home”

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In the classic film E.T., the alien Elliott finds can do magical things with the touch of his glowing red finger. He displays this phenomenon early in the flick by bringing a dying plant back to life. Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal […]

Kansas City Chiefs Are Using Untraditional Warfare

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The M4 Sherman tank was used by the United States and other Western Allies in World War II. It was a reliable, medium sized tank that held its own against much larger German tanks and destroyed its smaller Japanese counterpart. […]

Kansas City Chiefs Have the Winning Number

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The Kansas City Chiefs are the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL. They are playing some “prime time” football and number seventeen has been the difference between this year’s glowing Chiefs and last season’s muddy waters. I’m not alluding […]

Kansas City Chiefs Fans Best Not Be Cozying Up To A Romantic Comedy

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Have the Cleveland Browns been living underground lately? I haven’t taken notice of them since 2007. In the last five seasons, Cleveland’s dismal 23-57 record has left them seemingly nonexistent. I didn’t even know who their head coach was going […]

Kansas City Chiefs’ Brandon Flowers Has Been A Synchronized Machine

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In Chinese philosophy, the yin and yang are thought of as complementary forces rather than as two unpredictables that work for or against an entity. In laymen’s terms, it’s a belief that something bad may happen for a good reason […]

Can Jamaal Charles Break O.J. Simpson’s Record?

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Jamaal Charles is in slow pursuit of O.J. Simpson. Last Sunday, Charles and the Kansas City Chiefs stole a 17-16 victory from the Houston Texans, and in doing so, he found himself in Simpson’s shoes. The two now stand before […]

Kansas City Chiefs’ Magic Show Continues

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It’s been a magical season for the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs, and fans are enjoying the presentation. Sunday’s performance against the Houston Texans ended with the classic hat trick. Houston’s top-rated defense had Arrowhead Stadium’s crowd on the edge of their seats. The […]

Kansas City Chiefs’ Quintin Demps Reaching Out to Texans on Sunday

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Machoism is defined as “having a strong or exaggerated sense of power or the right to dominate.” It’s a mental state that is so domineering of those affected, they can’t comprehend the concept of others’ disapproval of them. It’s closely […]

Tony Gonzalez Is Not Kansas City Chiefs’ Prince Anymore

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When it was announced that Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was going to be donning a knee brace for awhile, fans rolled out the red carpet to Tony Gonzalez. They wanted to see him glamorously strut back into […]