Cincinnati Bengals 2013 NFL Mock Draft, Week 2: 7 Rounds


Fans Are Still Unsure of Cincinnati Bengals Offseason Strategy

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  Fans of the Cincinnati Bengals know all about down times. For a period of nearly 20 years, they were considered one of the worst franchises in all of sports, inept both on and off the field. From bad draft […]

Devon Still, Brandon Thompson Must Step Up For Cincinnati Bengals

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  The defensive side of the football has been the strength of the Cincinnati Bengals for several seasons, especially the line. Able to generate consistent pressure both from the outside and the inside, opposing quarterbacks were rushed into mistakes the […]

Free Agency Quiet for Cincinnati Bengals So Far

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  The NFL free agency period is two days in, and at this point, things have been pretty quiet for the Cincinnati Bengals. While fans become more and more outraged with each passing hour without a signing, the team continues […]

Cincinnati Bengals 2013 NFL Mock Draft, Week 1: 7 Rounds


The 25 Greatest Cincinnati Bengals in History


Kevin Huber Re-Signs With Cincinnati Bengals

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  The Cincinnati Bengals have several key free agents this offseason they must make decisions on that will impact the team’s chances for the 2013 season. They may not re-sign all of them, but they will need to make the […]

The Evolving Secondary of the Cincinnati Bengals

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  The 2012 Cincinnati Bengals once again found their way into the playoffs after a rough stretch of games in the early part of the season. This was primarily due to a resurgent defense that didn’t allow a single opponent […]

Should Wide Reciever Be On the Draft Menu for Cincinnati Bengals?

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  It seems as though everybody has an idea as to who the Cincinnati Bengals should take in the upcoming NFL Draft. Most have a general agreement on the positions that are needed most, with the lone point of contention […]

Can the Cincinnati Bengals Afford Andre Smith?

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  In the 2009 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals used the sixth overall pick to select Andre Smith, the offensive tackle out of the University of Alabama. Smith was coming off a less-than-stellar performance in the pre-draft events, including the […]

Should The Cincinnati Bengals Draft a Quarterback This Year?

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  The 2013 NFL Combine is in the books and the analysis has begun. Players are moving up and down draft boards around the league, while fans and the media try to figure out what teams are thinking and planning […]

Eight Players Cincinnati Bengals Should Consider Drafting