NFL Inactive Players for Week 12

To see which players will not be playing in each game check out this link:

What Colts Fans Want (Week 12)

This is starting to become really important now because I’m beginning to think that we won’t be able to win in the playoffs without home field advantage, and now that we’re two games back in the AFC it’s looking less […]

NFL Predictions for Week 12

After posting a .500 mark in Week 10, I did it again in Week 11, going  8-8 with my picks last week, bringing me to 84-74 on the year. With Thanksgiving looming I haven’t had much time to write so […]

Week 11 Colts Friday Injury Report

Joseph Addai – Questionable -Only practice on Thursday, and he was limited that day. Gary Brackett – Questionable – Did not practice at all this week. Austin Collie – Questionable – Practiced all three days this week with full participation […]

New 2012 NFL Colts Jerseys

These are the rumored Nike Pro Combat Uniform designs for the Colts jerseys for next year. This is not official yet, but the NFL did announce in October that Nike would be the new official suppliers for the NFL instead […]

NFL Predictions for Week 11

I forgot to publish my picks for Week 10 until after the fact, but I promise I didn’t change any of them from what they were before the games had actually been played, and the fact that I only went […]

What Colts Fans Want (Week 11)

I started this last week and will be continuing it through the rest of the season. I see no reason not to just dive right in: Bears @ Dolphins: Bears – We want Chicago to win this one because while […]

Peyton Manning Coming Off A Poor Performance

[picappgallerysingle id="10209640"] After writing about how the Colts should be able to bounce back well after the offense having a sub-par performance against the Bengals I started thinking about Peyton’s performance specifically. He managed the game and played it safe […]

Will Peyton Manning and The Colts Offense Bounce Back?

The offense looked terrible in Sunday’s win against the Bengals. My question is can they bounce back this week to beat the Patriots? This post was inspired by Nate Dunlevy taking a look at similar games in Colts history over […]

Predictions for Week 10

I apparently just had this sitting in the “drafts” without ever actually clicking the “publish” button. I realize that it serves not purpose now, but for the sake of keeping my picks going so that I can have an overall […]

Awesome Names

I came across this Yahoo article and it provides a pretty good laugh. I enjoyed it and thought I’d share it with all of you. Here’s the link:

What We Want

I haven’t written anything this week, which is due in part to me having a busy week but also because nothing overly-exciting has happened in the Colts world this week. There have been some players promoted from the practice squad […]