Philadelphia Eagles’ GM Howie Roseman Should Be Quiet


Howie Roseman, general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles, has his own radio show on WIP sports in Philly. Yeah … this is just what fans need … more lip service and false promises from this organization. He was on the air as […]

Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly’s Coaching Suspect Against Denver Broncos


This is frustrating. The Philadelphia Eagles just got butchered, not just defeated, by the Denver Broncos and the all-seeing eye of Peyton Manning. I expected that if the Broncos pulled off a victory, it would a race to the end zone, but […]

Philadelphia Eagles’ Organization Is Disastrous


I wrote that the Philadelphia Eagles were going to be ready for the Denver Broncos. I thought that fans were going to see two offenses outrun the two defenses in a race to see how many times each team can […]

Philadelphia Eagles Will Be Ready For Denver Broncos Sunday


The game against the Denver Broncos is in less than 24 hours, and the air is crisp with anticipation. The experts are laughing at our Philadelphia Eagles, and predicting a colossal blowout of mind-spinning proportions. It will make the victory […]

Key Injuries Of Denver Broncos’ Players Proves They Are Fallible


I have probably had all I can stand listening to sportscasters drool, pant and whine about Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos! Sure, they are good, but people are whispering about them like they are going to solve the problems […]

Cary Williams Recalls Past: How Philadelphia Eagles Can Beat Denver Broncos


The Baltimore Ravens destroyed the souls of everyone sitting in the stands at Mile High Stadium last season. The odds were insurmountable according to Vegas, popular sportscasters, and any other segments of media that covered the playoffs last season. But they […]

Philadelphia Eagles’ LeSean McCoy Will Expose Denver Broncos’ Inexperienced Linebackers


  LeSean McCoy has been lighting up the stage, powered by Chip Kelly’s run first mentality. It is good to see Shady humiliating defenders as they dive at him and come up with empty space and a mouth guard full […]

Philadelphia Eagles’ Defense Will Defy Logic, Ending Peyton Manning’s Sorcery


What is really wrong with the defense of the Philadelphia Eagles and can they get it together to out-execute a rolling Denver Broncos‘ offense? After listening to defensive coordinator Billy Davis and corner back Cary Williams, expect no miracles on Sunday. They both are approaching the […]

Key Weapons Of Chip Kelly’s Offense Must Be Relentless For Victory


What we saw from Michael Vick in the last game was causing horrid flashbacks of last season when the Philadelphia Eagles won only four games. But we have seen the high powered offense put up points in bunches this season. […]

Peyton Manning Will Have Bad Game Against Philadelphia Eagles’ Secondary


Peyton Manning is an elite quarterback in the NFL, and his Denver Broncos are coming off an imposing victory where he destroyed the heathenish Oakland Raiders. All of the Vegas lackeys are going with him against the weakened secondary of the […]

Some Philadelphia Eagles Thrown Under The Bus After Bad Loss


Just because we construct a clever statement for a certain idea does not anoint it with holy oil and put it into law. This is how I feel about the expression “thrown under the bus.” As in, former coach of […]

Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb, Honored, While Philadelphia Eagles Decimated


As a Philadelphia Eagles fan it was hard to digest the atrocities that occurred last night. Sure the play was horrendous, but the antics before and after the game were equally ridiculous. Andy Reid rumbled out, with a standing ovation and […]