Fan’s Faith Must Spur Feeble Philadelphia Eagles’ Defense


Boomer Esiason commented that the NFC East may have traded that tired, hard-nosed defense for the flashy score-in-large-clumps offense. Based on the first two games, it would be difficult to claim that he doesn’t have a point. The Philadelphia Eagles […]

Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb Prodding Philadelphia Eagles Hornet’s Nest


Due to a short journey from Sunday, where the Philadelphia Eagles were defeated, to Thursday, it seems like the odds are in favor of Andy Reid, and his Kansas City Chiefs, to defeat his former team. However, tossing the actual […]

Vinny Curry Oddly Invisible To Philadelphia Eagles Coaching Staff


Vinny Curry is a former second round draft pick for the Philadelphia Eagles. He was a beast around the ball in the preseason, and he was consistent with pressure on the quarterback. Sunday against Philip Rivers and the San Diego […]

Philadelphia Eagles’ Defense Flops At Home, Needs Changes


For those who watched this game against the San Diego Chargers and expected to see an aggressive defensive front like the last game, let us pick our deflated selves up off the ground. Where was the pass rush? Philip Rivers […]

Philadelphia Eagles’ Offense: Future Leaders Among Copycats


Looking far ahead into the future of the Philadelphia Eagles, and not daring to look back even for a minute, I see a growing team that is going to be a factor in shaping the new face of the NFL. […]

Cary Williams: A Current Inspiration On Field For His Philadelphia Eagles’ Teammates


As the preseason was kicking off, I stated that I was excited about the Philadelphia Eagles getting the ex-Baltimore Ravens player Cary Williams. Sure, he ran his mouth to the New England Patriots when they came into town to train, was beat […]

Philadelphia Eagles Must Keep San Diego Chargers Guessing Early


Last game, the Philadelphia Eagles astounded the football world with their lightning-quick offense and impressive run-first approach. They got off to an early lead, causing some people to reconsider their skepticism of Chip Kelly. Now as the warm feelings  from Monday […]

Mychal Kendricks May Be Future Leader Philadelphia Eagles Crave


Perhaps the player that stood out most against the Washington Redskins was the unstoppable Mychal Kendricks. Last year, this sensational rookie from the University of California was twisted, prodded and placed in a chaotic system in defense. Halfway through the season, […]

Can This Wild Philadelphia Eagles Offense Continue?


Watching the Philadelphia Eagles take off like jets launching for mission strikes against the Washington Redskins led even the staunchest opponents to marvel on Monday Night. During the first half, they fired off 53 plays, and earned three touchdowns. The question […]

Philadelphia Eagles Demolish Washington Redskins With Defensive Intensity


Long time Philadelphia Eagles fans would agree, last night the Washington Redskins felt something they haven’t experienced for a while against their long time rivals – soul crushing hits. Although Billy Davis is not the legendary defensive coordinator Jim Johnson, […]

The Whirlwind Chip Kelly Created as Philadelphia Eagles Sped Past Washington Redskins


There has been some deserved concerns about Chip Kelly‘s new offense. Last night on Monday Night Football where the lights were the brightest, it showed itself to the unsuspecting world. Not since Peyton Manning calling his own plays did the […]

Can Michael Vick Even Run Chip Kelly’s Offense?


Michael Vick isn’t getting rid of the football soon enough. Don’t listen to the Chip Kelly rhetoric that there was perfect coverage on the Philadelphia Eagles‘ receivers. Watching the game, I had deadly flashbulb memories of the old Vick, the […]