Peyton Manning Proves He is Still Second Best to Tom Brady

One of the most annoying sports arguments you can hear is the ‘Super Bowl rings’ argument. Someone having more rings than another player is not an end-all argument for why that player is better. Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson, each have a ring, […]

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Xavier Su'a Filo

One area that will be a huge focus for the Denver Broncos is the offensive line. With the departure of Zane Beadles to the Jacksonville Jaguars and sudden retirement of Chris Kuper, this is one unit that the Broncos cannot afford to […]

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Denver Broncos

With both the Senior Bowl and Combine in the books, we’ve reached a perfect time for an updated mock draft.  As usual, we’ll go pick by pick to make sure we discuss each pick thoroughly enough, and as usual, we’re […]

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