Predicting The Indianapolis Colts’ 5 Biggest Free Agency Moves


Andrew Luck, Pep Hamilton, Reggie Wayne Indianapolis Colts vs Cincinnati Bengals

The NFL preseason schedules have been released, and one thing is clear: after two straight seasons of talking heads predicting the Indianapolis Colts could finish near the bottom of the standings, the league has higher expectations this season. For the […]

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Reggie Wayne

Reggie Wayne hit the airwaves earlier this week declaring that he is “way ahead of schedule” in his recovery from a torn ACL. Wayne suffered the injury in Week 7 of the 2013 NFL season against the Denver Broncos in […]

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Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts

It’s well documented that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck spent nine of his formative years growing up in London and Germany while his father, Oliver Luck, worked for NFL Europe. Luck had exactly the sort of credentials that current U.S. Men’s […]

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RCA Dome Indianapolis Colts Stadium 2003

Imagine a parallel universe in which the Indianapolis Colts never moved to Indianapolis. No Mayflower trucks. No sneaking out in the middle of the night with 14 trailers hastily filled with unmarked boxes running serpentine across state lines. No nasty […]

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Andrew Luck and Tom Brady 2014 Playoffs

Quarterback Andrew Luck is entering his third season with the Indianapolis Colts. He’s never missed the playoffs. There is such a level of trust with him (especially in the fourth quarter) that fans never fully feel like the game is […]

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