Darren Sproles’ Injury Could Adversely Affect New Orleans Saints
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

After New Orleans Saints running Darren Sproles was injured in the opening drive against the New York Jets, his absence was quickly felt. Sproles is an integral part of the Sean Payton-concocted, Drew Brees-led offense, and he has been a leader […]

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Khiry Robinson

The New Orleans Saints‘ backfield is a cluttered, perplexing place that only head coach Sean Payton seems to understand. Throughout the 2013 season, Payton regularly deployed a fleet of four running backs, all of whom received over 50 carries. To put […]

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Jimmy Graham

There are two words synonymous with Jimmy Graham right now — franchise tag. It’s what nearly everyone agrees is coming the tight end’s way. But although most of us view Graham as a tight end, that’s not how he sees it. […]

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