15 Biggest Lessons We Learned From the 2013 NFL Season


Chicago Bears-Khaseem Greene

When the Chicago Bears drafted Khaseem Greene in the fourth round of the NFL Draft last year, he was assigned No. 60, though he would later switch to No. 59 for the regular season. Neither of these numbers could possibly […]

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drew brees saints

Could an NFL game be held down under in the next few years? New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees certainly hopes so! The Super Bowl champion received tweets from a few a Australian NFL fans asking him to support their […]

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Arian Foster

It was an interesting weekend on Twitter for Arian Foster as the Houston Texans‘ running back was impersonated by a look-a-like and then he destroyed one of his many trolls in hilarious fashion. Sometimes people don’t realize that when they […]

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Chip Kelly

The Philadelphia Eagles have undergone many changes this offseason. First of all, they let go of Michael Vick, as expected. Second, they let go of DeSean Jackson, as kind of expected. And third, they are going into a season with […]

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