2014 NFC Championship Game: 5 Reasons Why the Seattle Seahawks Win


Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks

Giving up on professional baseball to follow his dream of being a quarterback in the NFL couldn’t have been an easy decision for Seattle Seahawks signal caller Russell Wilson. However, his choice to play for the Wisconsin Badgers led the […]

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DeSean Jackson

The football world blew up on Friday when the Philadelphia Eagles severed ties with wide receiver DeSean Jackson, kicking the explosive playmaker to the curb following reports of his alleged gang ties. While it’s certainly going to be a touchy […]

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Jared Allen

Jared Allen has been taking his time this offseason. We all knew his days with the Minnesota Vikings were over, but most of us didn’t think it would take this long for him to find a new home. Allen has […]

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Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is all about talking trash. That’s just how he rolls. But unlike many football players who run their mouths, Sherman can actually back it up. It’s really hard to say that he’s not the best cornerback in football […]

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