Calgary Flames Seek Third Straight Win Tonight in Montreal

By latoyawilson

It’s been a relatively successful Eastern road trip thus far for the Flames (collecting five of a possible six points), most recently including a shootout defeat of the Toronto Maple Leafs. That one was a huge win for the Flames, mainly because I there were so many Leafs fans that I had to ruthlessly mock. The fact that the loss was given at the hands of Ales Kotalik and Olli Jokinen? The icing on my trash-talking cake.

In terms of the Flames’ overall picture, they’re doing what they’ve sought to do so far. After being given a math lesson back in December, the Flames were told they needed to at least win two out of every three games to possibly make the playoffs. Having collected twelve points in their past nine games, they’re doing exactly that. Having said that, the possibility of playoffs is still grim.

Not just that, but do us Flames fans want them to make the playoffs only to possibly face a  team like Detroit? What about climbing in the standings and yet again landing in the 9th or 10th place slot? Ugh, the dreaded middle.

It’s unlikely that Jay Feaster will make big-time moves in order to make the Flames a playoff contender, though names like Robyn Regehr have been thrown into trade talks as of late. Even if that were true, who could Feaster possibly get in return that would make any sort of significant impact? If guys like Regehr are traded, I wouldn’t expect too much of a payoff, as it may just be to make some much needed cap space. Ultimately, who knows when it comes to these rumours; so many are just plainly fabricated.

Speaking of Regehr, after missing two games due to a knee injury, it seems as though he’ll be a game time decision. The Habs have the flu bug infesting their team and it looks like Benoit Pouliot and James Wisniewski will also be game time decisions.

Miikka Kiprusoff will play tonight after making a successful comeback in Toronto, while Alex Auld will make the start for the Canadiens. Yes, the Flames have been back-up goalie-d again. Le sigh.

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