Calgary Flames: Sigh....What Can I Say?

By latoyawilson

If last night didn’t convince you, nothing will.

Playoffs, though mathematically still possibly, are pretty much out of the picture.

While the Flames have accomplished what they set out to do – playing around .666 hockey – it’s only good enough to not have them eliminated from the picture completely.

Who’s hot?


Well, I’m giving a lot of credit to Mark Giordano, who continuously shows up every game. He makes smart plays, he blocks shots, and he skates with purpose.

Tim Jackman always seems to have the energy to do his job, when many others seemingly give up.

I’m also giving a fist-pump to Henrik Karlsson, the only back-up to Miikka Kiprusoff that I’ve actually been comfortable with.

Who’s not?

Who do I leave out? The defense, minus Giordano, has been leaving Kiprusoff out to dry. Whether it’s Adam Pardy with a terrible giveaway or Cory Sarich leaving his man open, the defense picture has not been a pretty one.

What about offense? Continuous perimeter shots isn’t going to cut it. Unfortunately, guys like Rene Bourque aren’t having the greatest of seasons, and their offense is so desperately needed.

The biggest talk of all revolves around Kiprusoff. This guy, who is apparently now the source of all the Flames’ problems, has been off his game lately, to say the least. But why is everyone forgetting that this is the Miikka Kiprusoff?

While the criticism is deserved to a point, let’s not all forget that Kiprusoff can bounce back from this hole he’s in. We’ve seen how he can play; we saw it all last season.

Kipper has bailed out the Flames so many times that it’s actually ridiculous. Ultimately, this recent poor play of his just exposes the Flames for what they are. They ended up in 10th place last year; without Kipper, it could have easily been 14th (ya, Edmonton was that terrible).

Yes, it’s concerning, and this ‘drought’ he’s in couldn’t come at a worse time. But jeering him? Really guys? Disgusting.

So the Flames, overall, are almost hopeless. They need the ability to beat someone in the division other than Edmonton, and they need to stop continuously blowing it at home.

What can I say? When it comes to the Flames, not much.

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