Do I Stand Corrected? Flames, Please Go Ahead and Prove Me Wrong

By latoyawilson

I’m not one to eat my words often.

Well, that’s mainly because I’m never wrong!

Besides that though, I’m far too damn stubborn, and I’m OK with that. But when it comes to the Flames, if they want to go ahead and continue this tear, make the playoffs, and hopefully destroy the hopes and dreams of Canuck fans everywhere, I’ll be completely OK with admitting I was wrong to quickly judge.

After that dreadful 6-0 loss to the Wild last week, I pretty much completely wrote off the Flames. I saw a team that looked dejected, that no longer cared, that had completely given up. After all, if you’re going to attempt to make the playoffs, you’ve got to be able to at least win some games against the teams in your division…other than Edmonton. Everyone beats Edmonton.

However, the Flames are now only four points behind 8th place, and this Western Conference has gotten much more interesting.

The St. Louis Blues, who the Flames face tonight  for the first time this season, have taken quite a dip lately, going 2-6-2 in their last 10. That being said, they’re still only one point behind the Flames, and both teams stand to make or lose serious ground in tonight’s vital game.

After knocking off Dallas, Vancouver (hope that tastes bitter, Canucks fans), and Nashville, the Flames could win their 4th in a row. Winning streaks rock.

Of course, they could also lose and continue to crush my hopes and dreams for them; they’ve also done that before. All in all, let’s not get our hopes up. After the incredibly crappy news that fan favourite Craig Conroy cleared waivers and may be forced into retirement, the Flames need to make us fans feel better with a win.

The Blues had the Flames’ number last season, winning three of the four meetings, but this is a new season, and I really feel like the Flames owe me some playoffs. So Flames, if David Backes loses his shin guard, I most certainly expect you to HACK THE BONE!

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