Break Out the Crown! The Flames Are Only Two Points Back

By latoyawilson

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my time as a Flames fan, it’s to get my hopes up way high and expect only excellence!


OK, that’s a lie. But if there’s one thing I could say at this moment, it’s that this was definitely not expected.

The Calgary Flames are only two points back of both 7th and 8th place. While the defeat of the St. Louis Blues last night was a huge two points, the Flames remain in 12th place (damn you, LA Kings).

As mentioned yesterday, I counted the Flames out, especially with how concerning the play of Miikka Kiprusoff had been as of late. But as many can see, Kipper seems to be right back where he belongs: on top of his game.

There were a few too many times last night where a Blues player was all alone in front of the net, and Kipper certainly held his ground. Fact is is that the Flames need this guy to win games for them because when he’s off his game, the team is far too vulnerable. The Blues had their fair-share of chances, especially since the Flames decided to get lazy in the third. Let’s not do that anymore….

All in all, while this is exciting, the Flames really have no choice but to keep this pace up. Playoffs would be great, potentially facing a team like Detroit…not so much.

Other Flames news:

-Ales Kotalik was placed on waivers. Is Jay Feaster cooking something up? Me thinks he’d have to trade/place a few more players  on waivers if he wants to make any deals of significance. Right now it’s like cooking up some Kraft Dinner. We straight up want Linguini with shrimp.

-Craig Conroy said he is going to take the weekend to decide whether or not enter retirement. The collective sobbing of Flames fans can be heard nationwide.

-While Iggy has the official goal celebration dance, nobody puts Olli in the corner

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