Calgary Flames Game Day: Let's Make It Seven?

By latoyawilson

After surpassing Colorado and moving up to 11th place, the Flames are currently tied with both Chicago and Los Angeles with 58 points.

So while it may start to sound redundant, yes, tonight’s game against the Kings is a big one. It’s safe to say that every game from here on out is a “big one.”

San Jose (60 pts), Anaheim (60 pts), Colorado (56 pts), Minnesota (59 pts), Nashville (61 pts) and Phoenix (59 pts) all play today, so there could be multiple changes in the standings by the end of the day from 12th place all the way up to 4th. The dreaded 3 pt game could also be detrimental to the Flames tonight considering the match-ups of ANA v. COL, MIN v. PHX, and even their own game against the Kings. Yes, the Flames have the most shootout wins in the league, but if there was ever a time to try and avoid the extra time, it’s now.

Hopefully the Flames can make it a seven game win streak, because I hate floating around this 9th-12th place area. If there’s anywhere the Flames need to end up, it’s far away from there.

Other Flames news:

  • Lance Bouma was called up for the Flames and will be in the line-up tonight. Projected lines are Tanguay-Morrison-Iggy, Bourque-Jokinen-Moss, Glencross-Stajan-Jackman, Kostopoulos-Backlund-Bouma. Looks like Hagman is out.
  • Yesterday, Craig Conroy announced his retirement and is now part of hockey operations with the Flames. Conroy has spent 8 seasons with the Flames in his 17-year career and will most definitely remain a fan favourite. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him and I can honestly say that it was one of the most pleasant experiences  I’ve had with an NHL player. The epitome of class, much like Jarome Iginla, Conroy will be sorely missed on the ice. Fortunately, Calgary remains his home and us fans are ecstatic about that. It can safely be said that he is respected league-wide by both fans and players and there are few more deserving of that than Conroy. Thanks for everything you’ve done, and continue to do, for the team. #Conroy24

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