Another Must Win Tonight For the Toronto Maple Leafs

By Jeff Zeffer

Tonight is another must win for the Toronto Maple Leafs playing against the Tampa Bay Lightning. But it’s going to be tougher than Saturday’s 4 – 3 win over the Buffalo Sabers. The Leafs have fallen on their faces this season against the Tampa Bay Lightning, only getting one point out of the three of four games so far this season. Two of these games the Maple Leafs did not score a goal. The pressure is on because 6 points is a lot to gain back in a NHL playoff race. Plus the Leafs need to leap over the Carolina Hurricanes who sit just two points up on the Leafs and have a more daunting schedule than the Leafs do.

Games Played

Maple Leafs 69 GP

Rangers 69 GP

Hurricanes 69 GP

Sabers 70 GP

The Leaf have been a team on a mission since January 25th 2011 when the Leafs were 12 points out of a playoff spot and already looking towards the offseason. Since then, they’ve gone spectacular 11-4-5 and have worked their way back into the playoff race, only four points (2 wins) behind the eighth seeded Buffalo.

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