Verdict from New York Islanders Fans: Bring Capuano Back

By chrisleyden

The New York Islanders have looked like a new team under head coach Jack Capuano, and praise has come from all over.

New York Islanders head coach Jack Capuano barks out instructions during a recent New York Islanders game. (AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek)

I went out on Twitter to find how New York Islanders fans felt about the teams coaching job moving forward and the response was resounding support for Capuano.

Hockey Ranter had this to say about Capuano: “Capuano has been so good for the Isles, he’s left them no choice other than to bring him back.”

I feel as though this may be the number one feeling towards the situation, that Capuano has turned this team around so well that how could he possibly have had a better audition.

Billy Pollock takes it a step further when he says: “even if we finish a few points out of the playoffs, capuano at least deserves a jack adams nomination”

To give the coach of one of the worst teams in the league in regards to points the coach of the year award may be a bit extreme, but even a mention of it proves that Capuano has done a great job.

DaveZLINY does not think as highly about Capuano as the past two fans in this post but still thinks Capuano is the man for the job right now: “I have no prob bringing cap back nxt yr. He’s not the guy for a legit cup run but they’re still a 1-2 yrs away from that.”

I think any Islanders fan would be happy to have a run at the Stanley Cup in 1-2 years no matter who is the coach.

Our final response comes from Justin Rishel, who was the first reply and may have said it best when he tweeted: “I think the team needs to do their due diligence and go through the process, but I think if they do that, Caps will return!”

The most important thing for the Islanders come this off-season is they must take their time in naming a coach, and make sure to really look what is out there. Even if they are set on Capuano now, they need to as Rishel put it “go through the process.”

This is the first time I have done a Twitter interactive post and would really appreciate some feedback on it. Feel from to comment below or shoot me a tweet @LonelyIslanders about your reaction to this post. If you want to be included in the next post make sure to follow the Lonely Islanders on Twitter.

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