Calgary Flames on California Road Trip: Be Afraid!

By latoyawilson

The next three games will most likely make or break the Flames’ season.

The three game skid finally ended against Colorado on Thursday night, but its effects are evident. LA and Anaheim still have games in hand against the Flames, and both have been winning the necessary games to get them back into a playoff position. The Flames now sit in 10th, one point back of 8th and tied with Anaheim with 83 points.

Yes, I’m Scared








In case you weren’t aware, Anaheim’s Honda Center has not been kind to the Flames. How bad? They haven’t won in there during the regular season since Jan. 19, 2004. Whether it’s voodoo or some other curse, the Flames have to suck it up because there’s no other option. It’d be nice to play all remaining games against the Avalanche, but we can’t all get our way.

It most certainly doesn’t get any easier. The Flames continue on to face LA tomorrow, followed by San Jose on the 23rd. I’ve been dreading this road trip for weeks, and I’m fully prepared to say goodbye to my nails (a bad hockey-watching habit).


You heard correctly; Daymond Langkow may return before the end of the season. He’s practicing with the team and no longer wearing the “don’t touch me” jersey. He’s even traveling with the team on this California road trip.

After many, including myself, concluded that he’ll never play hockey again, I’m absolutely ecstatic to see him practicing again. He couldn’t be more underrated, and the Flames are desperate for a centre. While I’ll never encourage a rushed return from a severe neck injury, if Langkow is good for return, that’s great news for Flames fans.

I’ve always been afraid I’d screw up our lives so bad that I’ve had to come up with a back-up plan. And that plan is right here! -Homer Simpson







Unfortunately, there is no back-up plan. The Flames rightly decided to put a hold on the yard sale at the trade deadline. They are in a position to make the playoffs, and potentially do well if they continue to play as they have during this run. If not, the Flames will end up in the dreadful 9th or 10th place position. In today’s NHL, there’s nothing worse.

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