Who could the Vancouver Canucks face in the 1st Round of the Playoffs?

By Jeff Zeffer

I think there is a consensus that even at this point of the season the Vancouver Canucks will run away with the Western Conference #1 seed. (Along with the President’s Trophy) Meaning who could they be playing them in that 8th seed come playoff time. Well we all know how interesting the Eastern Conference race has turned out to be, but the West is even closer. As of today (March 20th) the Nashville Predators have the 8th spot in the West Confrence with 84 points. While the Anaheim Ducks and Calgary Flames are 1 point behind in the 9th and 10th seeds with 83 points. But also keep in mind teams like the Chicago Blackhawks (7th seed) could be facing the Canucks in the first round which is really interesting because, last year’s playoffs the Blackhawks gave the Canucks the boot in the second round. The Dallas Stars are in 6th places with 85 points. And even though the Los Angeles Kings are in 5th place with 86 points, they are still only 3 points away for not being in the playoffs.  So it is hard to say who the Canucks would be facing in the first round of the playoffs, but with the amount of games in their remaining schedule. I think one of the teams that I listed above will be their first round match up.

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