Stars Implode in Final Seconds; Lose 4-3 in OT

By RantSports Staff

Heading into Wednesday evening the Dallas Stars had 85 points on the season. Their opponent, the Anaheim Ducks, had 85 points. Anaheim held the tie-breaker and eighth place in the Western Conference. Needless to say this game was of utmost importance. To both teams.

Newton’s Second Law of motion states:  Force = Mass x Acceleration.

Geology is the study of pressure and time.

What happened tonight in Dallas was the convergence of all of it. Call it Hockey’s Law. Force, pressure, time, mass, acceleration, it was all on display. As the clock ticked down to zero the game heated up. As the game heated up the bodies started finding each other with increasing speed and intent to hurt. The pressure rose incrementally throughout the game. Desperation, hope, luck, payback, both teams fought like the playoffs started tonight. And they basically have.

Neither team scored in the first 20 minutes. They each scored once in the second 20 minutes. With yet another last minute goal by Teemu Selanne of Anaheim, each team scored twice in the third period. That left overtime where the Ducks scored on a 2-on-1 less than two minutes in, winning the game 4-3.

These were two points Dallas should have earned yet they only earned one, while Anaheim took two. That is basically a (-3) point swing. When a star can no longer sustain the crushing weight of its own gravity and it implodes on itself it’s called a black hole.

Let’s hope that is not where playoff-hope went tonight.




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