It May Be Time to Stick a Fork in the Flames

By latoyawilson
REUTERS/Chad Ziemendorf

I was worried about this California road trip, and it was obviously for good reason.

Going 0-1-2, the Flames did pretty much the exact opposite of what they needed to do. And though I’m not usually one to seek the negative route, it would take a miracle for the Flames to make the playoffs.

The disastrous start in Anaheim was not a way to start a trip where urgency was needed. Basically, I didn’t see this urgency against any of the Californian teams. To top it off, the Flames absolutely disappeared against the San Jose Sharks.

Fact is, the Flames were never in this one. Not even remotely. Kent Wilson had the scoring chances at six…..for then entire game. Believe it people, six scoring chances. The Sharks? 26. It doesn’t get more ugly than that.

Meanwhile, the 7 million dollar man Jay Bouwmeester certainly DID NOT show us why he’s getting paid that much, as he had an absolutely disturbingly horrific night. The rest of the team was relatively the same. A combination of injuries and just plainly being tired, the team gave up.

Unfortunately, while this run by the Flames has most certainly been impressive, they faltered at the exact wrong time. This happened to coincide with our competitors thriving, and it was a recipe for disaster.

Goodbye playoffs. Hello awful middle of the standings.


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