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By RantSports Staff
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Most people who read this blog should be considered Stars fans. As most Stars fans know, as it sits now, the Dallas Stars are outside the playoffs looking in. Since the who’s in/who’s out changes on an almost daily basis there is no point in looking too far ahead. A quick glance across the NHL schedule to find out who a Dallas Stars fan should root for, over the next week, to enhance the probability of Dallas making the postseason. Preferred winner in BOLD. TV in italics.


Monday March 28

  • Chicago @ DETROIT. While it’s hard to root for Detroit at any time a loss for the Blackhawks helps Dallas, and catching Detroit is a near impossibility. This game can be seen on Versus at 630 CST.
  • COLORADO @ Anaheim. Anaheim is in 7th place and has three more points than Dallas but after this game the Ducks will have played two more games. Two games in hand is potentially four points, if Dallas wins both games. 

Tuesday March 29

  • Chicago @ BOSTON. Points lost to the east are a non-factor so hopefully Boston will take advantage of a Chicago team playing on the second night of back-to-back games and come away with a win. This game is also on Versus 630 CST.
  • VANCOUVER @ Nashville. Vancouver has already clinched their division and has basically locked up the #1 overall seed in the West. Hopefully this still means giving Nashville a beating away from home.
  • Los Angeles @ EDMONTON. Edmonton has the fewest points in the NHL and is only 1-6-3 in their last 10 games. This could mean extra playing time for rookies looking ahead to next year and that youth could give the Kings, who are without Anze Kopitar, some trouble
  • DALLAS @ Phoenix. Dallas. Obv. Game is on FSSW at 930 CST.

Wednesday March 30

  • Anaheim @ CALGARY. Calgary will be down to four games after this one. This a game that whichever team wins, needs to win in regulation.

Thursday March 31

  • Nashville @ COLORADO. Colorado’s season is pretty much over. This is one of two games Nashville plays away from home as they close out the season.
  • Los Angeles @ VANCOUVER. This is LA’s only game that is not in the Pacific Division for the rest of the season.
  • DALLAS @ San Jose. The middle of the 5-game roadtrip for Dallas. Most of the games with San Jose are tightly contested, this is one that they need to win. In regulation. In San Jose. This game is on FSSW at 930 CST

Friday April 1

  • Chicago @ EDMONTON.
  • Calgary @ St. LOUIS.
  • COLORADO @ Phoenix. These are three of the bottom four teams in the West. But as we’ve seen with VCU and Butler teams not expected to do well can certainly make a run to close out a year.

Saturday April 2

  • DETROIT @ Nashville. Nashville always seems to play Detroit close. They’ve had close playoff battles in recent history and appears to use Detroit as a measuring stick. Hopefully big brother will continue to be the bully.
  • DALLAS @ Los Angeles. This is the first of back-to-back games for Dallas. It is also another game they need to pull two points out of against a very strong home team.
  • Anaheim @ San JOSE. It’s simple. San Jose is higher up the conference and with Dallas trying to leapfrog the bottom teams to make the playoffs, a loss by the lower team makes that goal more attainable.

Sunday April 3

  • TAMPA BAY @ Chicago. Another good Eastern Conference team plays against Chicago. This should be a high scoring game and hopefully Tampa Bay will come out on top with both points.
  • Calgary @ COLORADO. Calgary is running out of games and by this time could be have fallen behind Dallas in the standings. Regardless this is a game where Colorado could be playing rookies and looking at certain players  but playing at home, where they have a decent record, could play a factor.
  • DALLAS @ Anaheim. Second game of a back-to-back, but Dallas will have been on the West Coast for a few days and should be acclimated to the time zone shift. If Dallas plays well in the three games prior to this road trip finale this could be a chance to grab control of their playoff chances. Game is on FSSW at 7.


Time to grab the remote and scoreboard watch with your favorite Dallas Stars talisman and root for other teams as well as your hometown Stars.




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