Calgary Flames: 'Twas a Valiant Effort

By latoyawilson

Todd Korol/ Reuters/ Fotoglif

Let the finger-pointing to begin! All Flames fans, players, coaches, etc can say what they will, but it was ultimately too little too late.

The Flames managed to do their part against the formerly known (for a whole 3 days) “spoilers.” Jarome Iginla netted his 12th career hat trick along with an assist. It was a 6-1 good ol’ fashioned slaughtering of the Oilers. Unfortunately Marian Hossa’s “goal” to get Chicago in the game and eventually win against St. Louis, coupled with Anaheim’s own slaughtering of San Jose, ultimately doomed the Flames’ chances to make the playoffs.

So now where are we? The dreaded middle. The worst spot to be in today’s NHL. The fat cousin of the family that always orders dessert when everyone wants to leave the restaurant, if you will.

No one really knows where to go from here. The fans, understandably, do not want Iginla to leave. I selfishly would love for him to stay too. But, more than ever, I want him to win the Cup. As far as that happening in Calgary….doesn’t look likely.

The middle. The bad draft pick. The poor scouting. The best way to describe the state of the Flames at the moment is “a gigantic question.”

Upcoming UFAs of interest include Alex Tanguay, Curtis Glencross, Brendan Morrison, and Anton Babchuk. It’s most definitely in the team’s interest to re-sign Alex Tanguay, especially if Jarome Iginla stays.

But that’s not something to worry about at the moment. What we should all be worried about is the upcoming lack of hockey. Sigh.

Now…how shall we close the season? I think Mr. Burns says it best.

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