Chris Pronger to Return for Game 5?

By mikesantabarbera
The "Big Kid" Could be Back

The rumors started swirling even before Game 4 in Buffalo, Wednesday night. A lot of those rumors seemed to suggest that Chris Pronger would return to the Flyers line-up should the Flyers lose Game 4.

Well, the Flyers lost to the Sabres 1-0, in Game 4. Now, all the Chris Pronger whispers are getting a bit louder.

Had the Flyers won Game 4, Pronger would have most likely been ruled out for Game 5, already.

Pronger has been skating regularly, and handling a puck. The biggest obstacle, according to the Flyers, was strength on his passes. Pronger still can’t get a lot on his shot, and shooting hasn’t been part of his on ice rehab. Though, word is, his passes are crisp and strong enough to where Pronger could effectively play in Game 5. This is a very big deal for the Flyers, as the presence of Pronger alone could change the momentum of this series. Pronger is a crafty and grizzled veteran who knows what it takes to win playoff games. Much like Brian Boucher in net, Pronger has a bit of a calming influence on the team. Meaning, they worry less, which is good in the playoffs.

Dan Carcillo mentioned last night that some of the Sabres were going after Flyers who weren’t likely to fight back, so far this series. Knowing that the “big kid” wasn’t around.

Well, it looks like the big kid could be on his way back, which is good news, however you slice it, for the Flyers.

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