The Chicago Blackhawks are Half way to History

By Jeff Zeffer

Last night the Chicago Blackhawks shutout the Vancouver Canucks 5 – 0 and are half way to making history. Not Stanley Cup history, but coming back from a 3-0 series deficit history, which is what the Philadelphia Flyers did last season. I am sure these next two games are going to be a treat because if the Blackhawks are able win the next two games, hockey fans would see a 2nd consecutive 3-0 series comes back in back to back playoffs.

Game five started off the way the Blackhawks wanted to; 5:54 into the first period Marian Hossa scored on the power play. But the Canucks continue to fall into an early hole, by two more Blackhawks goals (Duncan Keith and Patrick Kane). In the 2nd period the Blackhawks picked up where they left off as Hossa scored his 2nd goal of the game. Then Keith a couple minutes later scored is 4th playoff goal in five games. After that the Blackhawks just played defense and completely shut down the Canucks.

If there is any statistical highlight for the Canucks, the light should shine on Alex Elder as he led his team in shots on goal with five.

Game #6 is on Sunday, April 24th at the United Center in Chicago and I won’t miss this game for anything.

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