NHL playoff recap: Anaheim Ducks vs. Nashville Predators – game 5

By toddcordell
Bobby Ryan scored arguably the goal of the year - and playoffs - last night but it wasn't enough as the Ducks fell to the Predators, 4-3.

Last night the Ducks lost in heart-breaking fashion, as they allowed a game-tying goal with less than 40 seconds to go in regulation on a Shea Weber snapshot. This was followed by a Jerred Smithson goal less than two minutes into overtime.

It is safe to say it was a heart-breaking loss for the Ducks, but they can’t afford to sit and think about it. They have to move on and focus on game-six in Nashville.

Final Score

Predators – 4 / Ducks – 3

11 thoughts

  1. The Ducks need Jonas Hiller back….bad. Ray Emery is obviously not a bad goalie, but his awareness is not where it needs to be, and his rebound control is not very good. I think that has become very clear to everybody.
  2. Bobby Ryan’s goal was just outstanding. If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch it.
  3. I loved the refs only calling a combined four penalties last night. That’s how playoff hockey should be.
  4. I must give props to the Predators for what they did. On the road and down in the 3rd period, they could have easily packed it in.
  5. Teemu Selanne’s pass to Jason Blake while lying down on the ice is only further proof that he shouldn’t retire after the season.
  6. For some reason the Ducks are having a lot of problems with the Predators fourth line. Randy Carlyle and the Ducks must address this before game-six.
  7. JP Dumont played under seven minutes last night, but for some reason was used as an extra-attacker when the Predators were trying to tie the game. Why put him out then, and not use him at all on the powerplay?
  8. Shea Weber is a beast. He played 29 minutes, had a + rating, and the game-tying goal. Not bad.
  9. Joel Ward is a darn good player, glad I picked him as a player to watch in my game preview.
  10. The Ducks need to fire more shots at Pekka Rinne. Taking 26 shots after 62 minutes of hockey likely won’t be enough.
  11. Lastly, the Ducks better bring it Sunday night because if they get off to a slow start and trail early, they will be in deep trouble.

My 3 stars

1. NSH – Jerred Smithson – He tallied the game-winning-goal and was a fire ball all night long.

2. NSH – Shea Weber – 29 minutes of ice, + rating and the game-tying-goal. Enough said.

3. ANA – Jason Blake – Two goals in just 12 minutes of play. Not bad.

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