Ference avoids suspension for hit on Halpern

By Nick Tavares

Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference avoided a suspension today for his hit on Montreal’s Jeff Halpern in the third period of Wednesday’s Game 7.

Ference caught Halpern with his shoulder and sent him to the ice, and contended that the hit was not intentional. Ference was also not fined for the play.

Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli addressed it in his conference call this afternoon:

“… But when you look at the whole play, we turned the puck over at our blue (line), and when that happens, the (defensemen) are supposed to close off the rim around the wall. So he was moving that way, and what (Ference) said was that he just saw the player off his shoulder as he was moving. He was looking up because he saw the turnover. So his motion, the player’s motion, they ran into each other.”

In case you missed it, here’s the play:

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