Flyers Down 3-0 to Bruins, With No One to Blame But Themselves

By mikesantabarbera

Well, doesn’t this sound familiar?

The Philadelphia Flyers lost to the Boston Bruins in Game 3, Wednesday, to fall behind in the best of 7 series, 3-0. For the second season in a row, the Flyers are down 3-0 to the Bruins, but a comeback isn’t likely, this time.

Much like in Game 1, the Flyers came out flat, giving up two goals to the Bruins in the first 1:03 of the 1st period. Digging themselves an early hole on the road, and likely ending their chances of getting back into this series.

We all know what happened last year, and all that talk has noticeble motivated the Bruins. Boston played three complete periods in Game 3, dominating the game from the start. The Flyers looked unprepared to play for the second time in this series. They showed absolutely zero desperation in a game they had to have. Meanwhile, it was the Bruins that seemed to play desperate off the jump, playing like they were the ones down 2-0 heading in Game 3.

This Flyers team is baffling to say the least. How can a team with so much promise, who played so well earlier in the season, play like they have down the stretch? It clearly isn’t from a lack of talent. The Flyers look unmotivated, and disinterested. Game 3 was a huge game, their season was pretty much on the line and they laid an egg.

The Flyers poor performance in Game 1, started the downward trend which now has them one game away from elimination.

Coming out unprepared and unmotivated in Game 1, allowed the Bruins to take the upper hand. With a goaltender like Tim Thomas who has the ability to steal a game or two in a playoff series, that was playing with fire if your the Flyers. They played with fire in Game 1, and felt the burn in a loss in Game 2, a game they played well enough to win.

Which brings us to Wednesday night’s awful display of hockey from the orange and black.

Once again, anyone who wants to put the blame on the shoulders of Brian Boucher, stop. Just stop it. Like in Game 1, the Flyers left Boucher out to dry, though, this time they decided to do in in the opening minute of the game.

When the Flyers are at their best, they play system hockey, they play aggressive and desperate. None of those things were accomplished on Wednesday night. The Flyers broke away from their system early on, and lacked the focus necessary to play effectively.

Game 3 is eeirly similar to Game 1, when you look back at what went wrong  for the Flyers. The list is long, and frankly they don’t deserve the time it would take for me to type them all out. They should be ashamed, embarrased and sad for the opportunity they’ve let pass them by.

For now, the thoughts of a comeback are nearly laughable. This team can hardly put together a few minutes of competent hockey, let alone 4 games worth.

We should have seen this coming though, in the last few months of the regular season. For one reason or another, the Flyers seemed to trend downward during a horrible stretch of hockey to finish out the season. There was a lot of talk about “turning on the switch” and we watched this team barely get by the Sabres, a team they were undoubtably better than.

Did we seriously think they were going to beat a motivated Bruins team with the kind of lackluster efforts they’d be putting out? We must of been mad.

No leadership, no urgency, no heart, equals no results. That’s this Flyers team in a nut-shell, and they only have themselves to blame for it.

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