Sergi Kostitsyn Season Review

By tylerharcus
Sergei Kostitsyn played phenominal during the regular season, but became a non factor during the playoffs.

Sergei Kostitsyn is the epitome of a perimeter player. A player that can produce big numbers in the regular season, but in the tighter faster playoffs becomes a non-factor.

Kostitsyn was a 50 point scorer and lead Nashville with 23 goals during the regular season. Despite these impressive numbers he failed to score one goal in the playoffs, and had a measly 5 assists.

This is not simply because Kostitsyn was unlucky or got cold at the wrong time, it is because he lacks the will to go to the dirty areas. Multiple times during the power play, Sergei lost loose puck battles, especially during the crucial final minutes of game six.

Kostitsyn is a player, because of his skill, that can generate trade interest, and a player I would jettison immediately. Perimeter players have no chance to succeed in the tough games, despite all the talent in the world. Don’t believe me? Just look at the Washington Capitols playoff record.

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