Player Review: Josh Bailey

By chrisleyden

Josh Bailey may have joined the New York Islanders a little earlier that almost anyone felt comfortable with, but he had a few hot streaks and flashes of what could potentially come in the next few years.

In many ways it seems that Bailey’s career could go one of two ways. He could either have been rushed to the NHL level too fast and collapse, or he could take advantage of this experience when he is so young and turn into a scoring machine.

While I and every other Isles fan am hoping for the second option, right now I think we are stuck dreading the first.

In 70 games this season Bailey had 28 points, with 11 goals and 17 assists.

At only 21 years old Bailey has already played three full seasons with the Islanders. One would hope that next season would be his chance to break through, but it is going to be difficult for a player who has little to no time to develop his game.

Bailey has shown that he can get hot and score goals in bunches, and if he can find a way to consistently be at that level he will be the player the Isles expected when they drafted him ninth overall in 2008. If not this could be a prime example of a player pushed too much too early.

Photo Courtesy of the Islanders official site.

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