Stanley Cup Playoff Prediction

By chrisleyden

Well we have arrived at the grand daddy of them all, the Stanley Cup. Not exactly the two teams I thought were going to be here, but also not the most surprising teams.

In the Conference Finals round I did not do very well. On the east side I did pick the Bruins to win but I thought they would do it in six. On the West side I was way off, picking the Sharks to win in seven. Meanwhile the Canucks made San Jose look nothing like the team I was expecting.

Anyway on to the final prediction:

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Stanley Cup Final:

#1 Vancouver Canucks vs. #3 Boston Bruins– I really have been going back and fourth on this one. Both teams have goalies that can win the game by themselves, and that makes it difficult to predict which one will get hot. Luongo had been on fire since that game seven of the Chicago series, and Tim Thomas has been the best goaltender all year. On the offensive end I think the Canucks have a big advantage, with the Sedin twins and Ryan Kessler being very good. I don’t think the Bruins are going to have too much trouble with that line, but where they are going to have trouble is with the second and third lines of the Cancuks, who are much better than their Bruins defensive counterparts.

All of that being said I think Tim Thomas is going to be the better goaltender, but I don’t see the Bruins getting enough shots on net. This series seems to have all the makings of going to seven games, and with the Canucks home for that one I have to pick them. Vancouver Cancuks in Seven.

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