Bono Wants To Be Gilbert Brule

By ericyeomans

In what can only be considered one of the strangest stories ever heard, news surfaced yesterday that Oilers forward, Gilbert Brule, picked up a strange hitchhiker on Tuesday.

While driving in West Vancouver that afternoon, Brule and his girlfriend, Kelsey Nichols, drove passed a hitchhiker who looked strikingly similar to U2 star, Bono. After convincing Nichols to turn around to pick the man up, that’s exactly who it ended up being.After picking up Bono, who had been stranded during a walk in West Vancouver after it began to rain, they drove him to Horseshoe Bay. While on the way, Bono mentioned that he was playing a show in Edmonton, and offered them backstage passes in appreciation for the ride. So Brule sold his tickets to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and bought three tickets to Edmonton for him, Nichols, and his mother to go watch the show.

At the show, Bono expressed his gratitude with this speech, even stating that he wanted to be Gilbert Brule.

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